JNKW selected for Triangle Arts Association Residency

Triangle is an artist-founded non-profit art institution that began in 1982 in New York City. Working with local and international artists, our programs focus on research and production and emphasize dialogue and experimentation.

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B-ROLL with Andre @ IndieLisboa (Apr 22 & 27)


IndieLisboa, Lisbon, Portugual
SILVESTRE – Short Films
Cinema São Jorge – Sala 3
4/22: 16:15
4/27: 11:00

B-ROLL with Andre
James N. Kienitz Wilkins, EUA, c., 2015, 19′



IN THE COMPANY OF MEN – Programmed by JNKW @ UnionDocs (Apr 22)

Films by William Greaves, Nathan Silver and Mike Ott programmed by James N. Kienitz Wilkins.
How is masculinity performed? A screening of three films using dramatization, role­-playing and self­-presentation to investigate the American male, now and then.

April 22, 7:30PM, $9
322 Union Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On the heels of the US premiere of Nathan Silver and Mike Ott’s ACTOR MARTINEZ (2015) at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, and last year’s premiere of Silver’s group therapy drama, STINKING HEAVEN (2015), come two new short films in conversation with a vastly under-seen mid-­length film by William Greaves, whose innovative use of psychodrama as both subject matter and tool in filmmaking resonates to this day.

In Silver’s RIOT (2015), a white Jewish boy enacts a largely African­-American riot occurring in real­-time across the country, conflating among many things, directorial frustrations with state violence, and the desire for a sort of power which eludes even grown men. Mike Ott’s LANCASTER, CA (2015) is a funny and manipulative portrait of a late adolescent ne’er­-do-­well who may or may not be performing a confession about his complicated maleness. Greaves’s IN THE COMPANY OF MEN (1969) “uses psychodrama to help bridge the communication gap between a group of the so­-called ‘hard­-core unemployed’—largely Black and ‘underclass’—and the men who hire, train and supervise them—mostly white and middle class.” Originally commissioned by Newsweek and the recipient of many film festival awards, In the Company of Men is a management training tool, social documentary and absorbing experiment.



LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International Art Award – WINNER

The artist and filmmaker JAMES N. KIENITZ WILKINS living in Brooklyn, New York City, has been awarded the LICHTER ART AWARD 2016 for his film “B-ROLL WITH ANDRE” (2015). Up until 3. April all five finalists of the competition for contemporary video art will be exhibited at Naxoshalle in Frankfurt.

“Wilkins uses humor and clichés in order to visualize stereotypes. Thereby he questions the development of the modern humankind in a capitalist society … In his work, Wilkins brings into question all our dependence on images and criticizes this development in his own language.” So the explanation of the jury.



B-ROLL with Andre @ European Media Art Festival (Apr 22)


Visionary elements and the potential of the visual are showcased in the
EMAF 2016 exhibition at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. The artistic positions
contained in this international group exhibition develop strong aesthetic
forms for their critical examination of concepts of the future. A core
element of all of works showcased in the exhibition is the question concerning
the significance/value of humans in a future world, their needs
and uniqueness. An entire section is devoted to the future of viewing, or
visions of the visual.

PROGRAM 14: Watch Me, See Me Be!
April 22 – 19:30
EMAF @ Lagerhalle, Osnabrueck, Germany



In Conversation: James N. Kienitz Wilkins interview @ Brooklyn Rail

In Conversation: James N. Kienitz Wilkins with Herb Shellenberger – March 2016

James N. Kienitz Wilkins can turn a phrase. The dynamic works of the Brooklyn-based writer/director are distinctive in their investigation of language, unconventional approach to performance, and exploration of conversation as a potent transmitter of ideas … more


Document V @ The Luminary Arts, St. Louis, MO (Mar 25 – May 20)

VDocument V suggests itself as an exhibition, but also perhaps a collectively-formed curricula, public reading group, or durational performance. Regardless of its official form, it is a historical manifestation of an immaterial process we call a publication.

Document V

Document V expands past the gallery to include commissioned public performances, web-based interventions, site-specific readings and immaterial actions. Participating artists and projects include: ACRE TV; Colin Alexander; Anxious to Make (Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez); Mike Calway-Fagen; Steven Cottingham; Paul Druecke; Nihaal Faizal; Good Weather (Haynes Riley presenting Matthew Kerkhof); Sam Gould/Red 76; Gelare Khosgozaran; Jonathan Hanahan; Michael Powell; Museum of Capitalism; Ryder Richards; Signal Fire; Ryan Thayer; Transversal Projects; Christine Wong-Yap; Caroline Woolard and Lika Volkova and others. Additionally, a commemorative book and exhibition catalog will follow later in the year.

ACRE TV program features:

Blair Bogin, Megan Schvaneveldt, Joseph Herring & Amy Ruddick, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Kera MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Stephanie Graham & Maya Mackrandilal, Kyle Schlie, Chaz Evans & Maureen Ryan, Adela Goldbard, Thad Kellstadt, Cameron Gibson, Josh Duensing & Eric Watts, Anna Ialeggio, Mark McCloughan, Ellen Nielsen, & Leslie Rogers, Charity Coleman, Marianna Milhorat, & Michael Rae, Brendan Meara, Amanda Gutiérrez, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Danny Volk, Open TV with Cqqchifruit, Natalie Mercedes, Molly Hewitt & Ariel Zetina.

More about James N. Kienitz Wilkins’s Public Hearing in Progress (2015) here


Special Features + ERASERHEAD (35mm) @ WORM – Rotterdam (Mar 23)

Special Features (12 min / 2014) by James N. Kienitz Wilkins precedes an original 35MM print of ERASEDHEAD (89 min / 1977) by David Lynch:

“According to Mr Lynch probably the last one [35MM print] that’s still intact.”

March 23, 2016 – 20:00

Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tickets: http://www.worm.org/home/view/event/50823

ERASERHEAD (1977) by David Lynch


JNKW @ Migrating Forms – BAMcinématek (Mar 10)



Brooklyn artist James N. Kienitz Wilkins, a self-professed lover of “Internet archaeology,” works with lo-fi found footage and fragmentary material, from a video found in a VCR purchased on eBay to an enacted interview in which responses are read off a teleprompter. Blurring the line between documentary and performance and applying a wide range of cinematic influences to these forgotten moments, he crafts richly textured films that are at once naturalistic and conceptual.

Program includes:

Occupations (2015)
Special Features (2014)
TESTER (2015)
B-ROLL with Andre (2015)


Brooklyn Rail interview
Brooklyn Magazine
Art in America


B-ROLL with Andre @ International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan 29 – Feb 3)

B-ROLL with Andre by James N. Kienitz Wilkins premieres at the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Tiger Award Competition for Short Films:

Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films – Program 2


Rotterdam CineMart 2016

URSA MAJOR by Benjamin Crotty (director/writer) and James N. Kienitz Wilkins (writer) among the projects chosen for International Film Festival Rotterdam’s (IFFR) co-production market CineMart 2016:



Special Features @ Kasseler DokFest (Nov 13)


Kurzfilm-Programm Short Film Program: Großes BALi BALi Cinemas (KulturBahnhof)
Nov 13, 13:15

Erklärungsnotstand (Open to Interpretation)
Special Features / James N. Kienitz Wilkins /
12’ // The Hidden God / Stephen Sutcliffe /
6’ // Ein Raum mit Bildern von Provinzen /
Cana Bilir-Meier / 6’ // Crazy Paving /
Torsten Lauschmann / 17’ // Invitation to
the voyage / L’invitation au voyage / Meggy
Rustamova 13’ // Sitting in Darkness /
Graeme Arnfield / 15’ (6 Filme, 69 Min.)


About Kassel DokFest:

“In this year, the commissions of the Kassel Dokfest viewed more films than ever before: More than 3,000 works from 78 countries were submitted. Out of that, a program was put together with 271 documentary feature and short films. Many other festival sections accompany the extensive film program: The media art exhibition Monitoring presents 16 experimental and artistic works, in the DokfestLounge VJ art and audiovisual performances are presented at the festival evenings, the symposium interfiction discusses the topic MINDMACHINES and the DokfestForum invites to artist talks at Fridericianum. With the Hessian University Film Day as well as with the educational side program junges dokfest, the Kassel Dokfest offers hands-on workshops and lectures education, information and access to professional networks for up-and-coming filmmakers.”



Sunday, October 18th, 2015. 8pm. $9
322 Union Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Multi-part event with special guests David Levine, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Mieko Gavia, Tony Torn, Eric Hynes and Brandy Burre.

Introduced and moderated by Shonni Enelow, author of Method Acting and Its Discontents.

This multi-part event will explore the connections between method acting and documentary in William Greaves’s film, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, and today. Participants will include the performance and conceptual artist David Levine, with actors Mieko Gavia and Tony Torn; Eric Hynes, film critic and columnist for Film Comment; and Brandy Burre, actress and star of Actress. The event will be introduced and moderated by Shonni Enelow, assistant professor of English at Fordham University and author of Method Acting and Its Discontents: On American Psycho-drama.



Special Features @ 25 FPS Festival (Sept 26) – WINNER: GRAND PRIX


Competition Winners

Grand Prix Mark Toscano: Special Features, James N. Kienitz Wilkins

“Special Features by James N. Kienitz Wilkins consistenly subverts our understanding of what, why, and even who we’re watching, creating a sophisticated, humorous and sharp critique of both our implicit trust in the mediated word and the almost invisible formal cues that manipulate our comprehension and reactions. Questions of race, class and agency intertwine to construct a larger investigation of identity and the instability of manufactured truth.”


Program: Standards
SAT 9/26, 20:00, KINO SC, Zagreb, Croatia


Special Features @ Message to Man IFF (9/29 – 10/1)

Message to Man International Film Festival
St. Petersburg, Russia

9/29, 19:15: Velikan 4th Hall/ Alexander Park 4
9/30, 19:20: Erarta Vasilevskiy Ostrov, 29th line, 2
10/1, 19:20: Erarta Vasilevskiy Ostrov, 29th line, 2


Special Features @ 53rd New York Film Festival (Sept 27 & 28)

53rd New York Film Festival

NYFF Shorts Program 4: New York (TRT: 75m)

A new addition to the New York Film Festival, this program showcases recent short-form work from some of the most exciting filmmakers living and working in New York today, an eclectic mix of familiar faces, established names, and unheralded ones to watch. Programmed by Florence Almozini and Dan Sullivan and sponsored by the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

New York Shorts


Travel & Research Award, Jerome Foundation: Mauricio Arango

The Jerome Foundation granted Mauricio Arango the 2015 Travel and Research Award.

More information: http://www.jeromefdn.org/node/684869


Special Features @ Media City Film Festival (Aug 1)

Special Features by James N. Kienitz Wilkins plays the Media City Film Festival (Aug 28 – Aug 1, 2015) with shorts by Ben Rivers, Lisa Truttmann, Behrouz Rae, Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy, Ryan Ferko, Parastoo Anoushahpour and Faraz Anoushahpour.

International Program 7
Saturday, August 1, 2015 – 9:30 PM
Capitol Theatre, 121 University Ave West, Windsor, Canada


Special Features @ Edinburgh International Film Festival (June 22 & 26)


UK Premiere of Special Features by James N. Kienitz Wilkins

Black Box Shorts 1: Placing Performance, Staging the Self
Monday, June 22, 22:15
Friday, June 26, 15:15
Filmhouse 3, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Scotland


Special Features @ Chicago Underground (May 14) – WINNER

Laurel-Wreath-3pt Lighting Award 2015

Special Features by James N. Kienitz Wilkins in May:

Chicago Underground Film Festival
WINNER: 3-Point Lighting Award for Innovative Technique